Thanks for dropping by, we run events to entertain and enlighten the whole Christian community.

If you are not familiar with us we put on a variety of events for the Christian Community, to help people develop their relationship with God in a unique way. Please feel free to make yourself at home and take a look at our site to discover more about the different types of events we organise.


Every year we organise a variety of events that appeal to all ages and backgrounds of people.  In May 2017, we put together a unique event called the “Christian Fashion Show” of which people from different parts of Nigeria attended. The rest of the year we keeps busy with lots of other events such as seminars, drama and musicals. In addition, we organise events for “Apples Huddle” to allow our children to experience God at the level, they can understand.


We organise events because we are passionate about seeing people experience God in a unique way. We have found that because we focus on quality service and high standard of Godly values, God does awesome things; he meets us where we are at, and our lives are transformed.

We appreciate God because being a Christian and following Jesus is not by our own power. We put on events to encourage one another knowing that God created entertainment for our pleasure. For this reason our events often have loads of entertainment so that people can have a good time.

We hope that “Grace life events” will impact the lives of people and allow them to be complete in Him.